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About Main Street Fitness

High Intensity, Slow Strength Training

Strength Trainer

Main Street Fitness utilizes a unique method of high intensity, slow strength training (exercise) using custom-designed equipment.

Our approach teaches you to move the weight slowly in a controlled fashion. This will eliminate momentum, fully engaging the muscles, putting a greater demand on them to achieve muscle fatigue quickly. This process will stimulate the muscle fibers and trigger a strength mechanism, producing very effective results – stronger muscles. Eliminating momentum eliminates fast, jerking motions so there’s no risk of injury making it safer than traditional forms of exercise.

It has been proven that having short, brief workouts, with adequate intensity requires adequate recovery. Using this method of training is very efficient, usually recommended twice a week, each lasting only 20 minutes in duration. In this case, less is definitely more.

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Abe and Yvonne Kleineld

Abe and Yvonne Kleinfeld

Abe and Yvonne Kleinfeld purchased Main Street Fitness from Jim and Cindy Tuck on June 1st, 2018. They are committed to providing high quality strength and fitness training in a safe and supportive environment.

Abe and Yvonne have both been members of Main Street Fitness for many years. They have two children living at home, Hali and Zack, both in high school. Abe’s oldest daughter lives in Seattle. Their 20-year anniversary is in August of this year.

Abe was a Major in the United States Marine Corps and served in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm as a helicopter pilot. After his time in the military Abe went on to complete his MBA in Strategic Leadership from Dominican University. He spent 25 years in the corporate world running the real estate department for FICO and travelled extensively during that time. Abe is a student of aikido where he trains at Two Rock dojo in Petaluma. He’s attained the rank of sandan (3rd degree black belt).

Yvonne is the owner of Wasserman + Kleinfeld, LLP a public accounting firm specializing in tax planning. Her office is located in Petaluma. She’s one of those rare individuals who knew from an early age that she loved accounting. She also loves gardening and her two dogs.

Abe and Yvonne are excited to own Main Street Fitness. They’re both learning about the various slow exercise protocols and what can help clients achieve their goals.

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Main Street Fitness

Main Street Fitness Studio

Main Street Fitness was a thought that became a reality. It was our deep desire to open a personal strength training studio in Southern Sonoma County, in particular, Penngrove. We really wanted to make our facility unique. We took what we’d learned from our education and experiences and added our own ideas and energy. We knew we were ready when a perfect location came up in an old train depot (Penngrove Depot) and we got to work.

We transformed our space into a warm, light filled, open environment we now call home to Main Street Fitness. There’s open beam ceilings, refinished wood plank floors, large wooden ceiling fans, new paint and most of all, lovely people to share it with. When you come to Main Street Fitness, you become part of the family.

Main Street Fitness has a large selection of high quality, low friction exercise equipment, specifically designed for slow strength training. We avoid loud music, but rather prefer a volume more subtle so you’ll be able to focus on the task at hand. If you look around, you’ll see many fans to keep you cool during your exercise session and pads neatly stacked nearby. These pads are for us to help make the equipment fit your unique body, instead of your body having to adjust to the equipment. We also have free weights, cardio equipment and stretching pads for your convenience. From the moment you step into our studio until the moment you leave, it’s really all about YOU.

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I have been going to Main Street Fitness for nine years and it has become an essential part of my exercise regimen. During that time, I have had shoulder surgery and other musculoskeletal issues which through their personalized workouts have definitely accelerated the rehabilitation process. However, the greatest benefit is the sense of well-being and accomplishment after each workout.

~Dr. Michael Shane