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Complete Health from Orenda

Since 2002 Orenda has been recognized as a leader in natural health with incredible products in Anti-Aging and Immune Science.


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O-Tropin is a natural amino acid supplement. Research has suggested that certain amino acids can help support healthy pituitary gland function.* This is important, especially as we age, as the pituitary secretes at least six different hormones which regulates functions from growth to reproduction to metabolism. Combining impressive ingredients with an advanced Aminosome™ delivery system makes O-Tropin the premier Ant-iAging product.

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Orenda Balance®

Orenda Balance® is designed to support your metabolism and help curb your appetite, making your sensible diet and exercise regimen more effective and easier to follow.

Spray three sprays into the mouth, hold for 30 seconds and swallow. Spray approximately 30 minutes prior to each meal. A “Bonus Spray” may be taken anytime during the day.

Anti-aging Serum

Anti-Aging Serum

Orenda’s Anti-Aging serum was specially formulated to combat visible signs of aging. Using Perflorosome™ Technology moisture-binding skin nutrients and skin conditioning agents are suspended in an oxygen-rich emulsion of Perflurodecalin, creating a light, non-greasy skin care product that refreshes and revitalizes your skin.


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Orenda Immune® uses cutting edge ingredients to serve two important purposes. One, to support daily detoxification of the body, and two, to offer additional immune system nutritional support. The combined effects of these two elements create a synergy in the body such that no other immune product can compare. Orenda immune® is recommended for anyone focused on healthy living.

The ingredients in Orenda Immune® were carefully selected and formulated into a proprietary blend that is the most effective one available. These powerful ingredients are:

  • Calcium D-Glucarate, which is the patented form of D-glucaric acid. This botanical extract is found in cruciferous vegetables like brussels sprouts, and broccoli, as well as in fruits such as grapefruits.
  • Beta 1, 3 Glucans, which are obtained from a standardized extract of avena sativa.
  • Muramyl Peptides, which consist of a non-toxic, purified extract from the bacterial cell wall of Gram-positive bacteria.


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Orenda EazeTM is a blend of 31 of the most advanced and comprehensive digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics on the market today. The digestive enzymes in Orenda EazeTM can support nutrient absorption, energy, and overall health, while the probiotics and prebiotics support and encourage healthy bacteria in the lower digestive system. Orenda EazeTM brings all of these components together to ease occasional digestive discomfort and encourage natural, healthy digestion.

All in One Nutrition

All in One Nutrition

Orenda’s All in One products provide a comprehensive solution to nutrition, designed to support the health* of your entire family. Every All in One supplement contains important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support the daily dietary requirements for good health. The All in One Male and Female include specialized herbal blends for the mature male and female to help with the challenges of aging, All in One Young and Active has an extra dose of antioxidants for young and active lifestyles, and the All in One Canine completes the line. All contain a dash of Orenda Immune® making this line not only complete, but uniquely superior.

Super Food

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The Forgotten Superfruit- Aronia

Aronia (aronia melanocarpa) is a small violet-black berry that is native to North America. It was used for centuries by Native North Americans as a central part of their health and culture. However, as a new population spread a cross the continent, the knowledge about aronia’s benefits was lost. Recently rediscovered by scientists, aronia is now being hailed by health experts and natural advocates as the most powerful untapped berry in the booming superfood market.

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OKI: What Oki Can Do for You

Centered around the aronia berry and blending other powerful fruits and botanicals. Oki® is a potent superfood beverage for your body, mind, and future. Scientists and researchers have documented many benefits of the fruits in Oki. Here is just a sample of what these fruits can do for you:

  • Help support your cardiovascular system
  • Anti-Aging effects
  • Assist in your weight management goals
  • Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Antioxidant effects
  • Help support healthy cholesterol levels
  • Help promote your body’s natural defense
  • Maintain healthy eyesight
  • Aid in digestion
  • Support muscle recovery
  • Improve endurance
  • Help your body access the iron in your diet more effectively

Oki bottle

Nature’s Perfect Parade

Orenda blended the aronia berry with a host of powerhouse botanicals:

  • NONI
  • PEAR
  • ACAI
  • GOJI

Fight Back with ORAC


ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is a measurement of how well the antioxidants in any given food attack the free radicals in our bodies. Taking in foods rich in antioxidants can help to protect our bodies from the danger of free radicals. The aronia powder used in Oki® has an impressive ORAC score, far outshining former " berry favorites." Drinkers of Oki can take comfort in knowing that with every ounce, they are arming themselves for the ongoing battle.


Phytonutrient Chart

Phytonutrients: Nature’s Solution

Created by nature, fruits such as aronia deliver a complex combination of phytonutients that give us a natural boost. Two of the most important nutrients are anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins. Widely researched and respected, the levels of anthocyanins and the proanthocyanidins have never been higher than in the aronia berry, and their effects have never been stronger. The charts paint a clear picture of the superiority of the aronia powder used in Oki®.

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Chocolate Like You Have Never Known it Before...

The Power of Aronia: Choki is the only product of its kind that uses the superfood berry aronia. The Purest Formula: No fillers, no waxes, and no artificial ingredients. The Finest Chocolate: The dark Belgian chocolate in Choki is unalkalized, keeping the healthful flavanoids and antioxidants in tact. The Most Nutritious: Not only is it the most delicious chocolate, it is also the best chocolate your body can find. Every piece of Choki boasts an ORAC score of 4,739. Guilt-free Indulgence: Low in fat. Low in sugar. High in all the good stuff.

Studies indicate that cacao can:

  • support healthy blood pressure
  • enhance intercellular communication
  • Protect the cardiovascular system
  • Support bone heath
  • Improve apoptosis
  • Promote healthy blood sugar levels
  • Support eye health
  • Combat free radicals and more.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.