Our Protocol

High Intensity, Low Frequency

Main Street Fitness uses a unique method of high-intensity, slow strength training (exercise) using custom-designed equipment. Our approach avoids use of momentum and teaches you to move weight slowly in a controlled fashion. Avoiding momentum eliminates fast and jerky movements which can contribute to injuries, and makes this strength training safer than many traditional methods.

Our protocol causes your muscles to be fully engaged, which puts a greater demand on them, with the goal of achieving muscle fatigue quickly. This stimulates muscle fibers and triggers the rebuilding mechanism that produces stronger, well-toned muscles. You’ll find that this is a super efficient and effective way of gaining strength and fitness throughout your whole body.

Short, brief workouts, with adequate intensity, require an appropriate amount of recovery. Because of this, we usually recommended a twice-a-week workout, each lasting only 20 minutes. In this case, less is definitely more.

Learn More

The best way to learn more about our Go Slow, Get Strong protocol is to request a free introductory session. There we can learn about your personal goals for fitness and strength to customize our program for you.