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Our Personal Training Staff has many years of experience working as fitness and health coaches. They each have areas of expertise, a wide variety of certifications, and different styles. While you may train primarily with one trainer, over time you’ll likely enjoy the different approaches of all of the trainers. Read on to learn more about the background and passion they each bring.


Personal Trainer Robin

Robin was a client of Main Street Fitness before becoming a trainer. Her story is remarkable. She came to Main Street Fitness with three herniated discs. She had limited range of motion and was in a lot of discomfort. Starting out very slowly and carefully she was able, over several years of strength training, to recover a significant amount of mobility. Other treatments and practices had not worked. Inspired by her progress, she decided to become a trainer. She has a gift for working with clients that have an injury or physical limitations. Robin continues to workout at Main Street Fitness.

Robin is a student of Dr. Doug McGuff and believes fully in his super slow methodology (read more on our protocol page). An avid proponent of this practice, Robin continues to learn new exercises and techniques that make her clients strong and fit. Her clients enjoy their training sessions with Robin and have been with her for many years. Robin lives with her husband in Petaluma.


Personal Trainer Colette

Colette fell in love with the ‘Super Slow’ protocol in 2014 after 35 years of walking, aerobics, yoga, step classes, spinning, etc.

Colette says, “Super Slow transformed my outlook on body and exercise. With just a little hard work, determination, and good eating habits the results and benefits are phenomenal. I realized I was actually becoming weaker from walking, and spending way too much time in the gym. I continue to strengthen my muscles to provide me the stability and balance I need throughout my life.”

Colette has a passion to learn and guide others to the benefits she also has received over the past seven years. Colette is excited to be a part of the Main Street Fitness team.


Personal Trainer Deb

Deb comes to Main Street Fitness with a variety of backgrounds.  She is a NBC-HWC certified Health and Wellness Coach and holds various certifications in personal fitness training, nutrition, yoga, TRX as well as a degree in Kinesiology.  Besides fitness, nutrition and health, Deb’s interests include hiking, camping, backpacking, mountain biking, yoga, travel and her young adult children, dogs, family and friends.

Deb is dedicated to guiding our clients toward achieving optimal fitness, health and a balanced lifestyle in a positive and supportive environment.

Deb says, “the best part of working at Main Street Fitness are our clients and staff.  I love the variety of backgrounds and experience each person contributes and the best part of my job is watching our clients gain confidence in their strength, balance and overall health!”


Personal Trainer Helene

Helene is a Sonoma County native and has been active most of her life. With a dance background, she learned the importance of connecting with and listening to the body. Over time her love for movement and holistic nutrition led her to pursue health and fitness professionally. She is currently a Certified Personal Trainer through ACSM and recently became an Integrative Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Helene is excited to expand her experience at Main Street Fitness by connecting with clients and helping them connect with their bodies and prioritizing their own wellness in a pleasant, thoughtful and effective way. In addition to training at Main Street Fitness she is a group fitness instructor at Pure Barre and Orangetheory Fitness. Outside of her fitness roles, she loves to cook, travel, dance, be outside, and enjoy live music.


Personal Trainer Abe Kleinfeld

Abe is the owner and a trainer at Main Street Fitness. Having been a client for many years, he thoroughly knows the benefits of strength training and conveys his enthusiasm to his clients. All of the trainers at Main Street Fitness continue to learn and develop a greater understanding of this unique protocol.

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